Battery Commissioning

Our Wireless Battery Commissioning tool gives you more visibility and transparency over your testing.

Lacking full visibility over your load bank testing?

With CellSPY Lite, you have real time access of every battery within your system.


Regardless of battery chemistry, whether you have 4 batteries or 400, with tests lasting from 5 minutes to 5 days or more, we have you covered.


All your data is accessible in real time via our streamlined and simple web based application. Complete transparency at your fingertips.


We have a variety of options to precisely meet your needs.

How Battery Commissioning works

CellSPY Load Bank Testing Tool Highlights

The new standard of battery depletion testing is here: The completely wireless EMSYS testing tool is changing the way we commission batteries. CellSPY Lites monitor battery voltage and temperature, the wireless current transducers measure current throughout the bank, and measurements are sent to our mini gateway which relays it to the cloud- The end result is all of your data a fingertips reach away.

CellSPY Lite Monitor

Our new CellSPY Lite battery monitors are completely wireless, recording individual battery temperature and voltage and routing those measurements to your mobile device, giving you real time access to every battery in your system

  • Accurate Voltage measurements (0.5%)
  • Accurate Temperature measurements (+/- 1C)
  • Visual On-monitor alarms
  • Easy Installation

Wireless Current Transducer

The EMSYS Wireless Current Transducer measures the charge and discharge current with the same high accuracy regardless if the current is 1A, 400A, or even 1,000A

  • Dual core technology
  • High Accuracy and Linearity of Measurements
  • Non invasive thanks to the Hall effect


Our mobile application lets you follow testing as it happens, letting you know which batteries are failing as soon as they cross preset thresholds. We have replaced the traditional gateway and now use your mobile device, whether android or IOS as a gateway. For testing on remote sites, data is sent as soon as you regain cellular connection, and a report is generated instantaneously and sent via email from our servers.

For more technical details of every sensor in the CellSPY family, please see our resource section.

Mobile Application

Phone as a gateway feature

Our phone as a gateway feature provides you greater flexibility and functionality. One compact, wireless device gives you real time access to every cell being tested, thermal imaging capability, and internet connectivity.

Visual Sensor Check

To ensure monitors are properly set up, run the visual check. Monitors will light up one by one, in order, providing an easy check on proper set up.

System Summary

The Home page gives you a real time look at total voltage, current, and power. A running clock lets you know how long discharge lasts, while tabs below show string specific statistics.

String View

Select a given String’s tab and sort through all cells by Number, Voltage, or Temperature.


The alarm section will show you all cells that have crossed preset thresholds

Report Generation

Upon completion of testing, a final pdf report is generated. You can specify the contents of your report to be as specific or as general as needed.


Configurability in report generation means your reports can be as simple or complex as you need them to be. To receive sample reports fill out the contact form below!

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