Remote monitoring

Your assets monitored around the globe by our experts, so you can continue doing what you need to in peace.

EMSYS Remote Monitoring

Superior Hardware, Software and Expert Analysis


Our battery monitors are deployed across the globe on all types of batteries.


Our team monitors your batteries around the clock, providing weekly status reports as to your battery room’s health.


With per packet based pricing and traditional subscription models, we work with your organization to ensure a cost effective solution.

Improve Performance, and Lower Your Costs

More Comprehensive Data

Unlike many of our competitors, we avoid cutting costs with string based monitoring. We understand the importance of uptime, and ensure we get the most comprehensive view of your system. This means measurement at every node all the time.

Superior Hardware

We understand that data is only as good as the underlying hardware. That’s why you wont see any clunky, outdated hardware from us. EMSYS devices are on the cutting edge. More accurate, reliable, and compact. We don’t believe Industrial is synonymous with bulky hardware.

Maximize Battery Life

Contrary to what most sales teams will tell you, quality batteries in well matched strings, stored in recommended environmental conditions, and charged with quality, “clean” chargers are the only ways to maximize battery life. We don’t magically extend battery life- we help you optimize longevity. Our charge balancing feature works to better match strings and our experts let you know when your batteries have entered suboptimal conditions so that you can take corrective action.

Smarter Reporting

Although we have a vast amount of information available to our clients at all time, we know that it can be daunting sifting through it all and deciding what actions need to be taken. That’s why our weekly reports provide a list of action items. The underlying data for each action item is cited in the report along with an expert analysis. Our reports are designed to give you all the information you need to conduct an effective cost benefit analysis.

Flexible Pricing

Our new subscription based model allows customers to pay on a monthly or yearly basis for their battery monitoring needs. Whether you need expert analysis of your data or just the standalone system, we will work with you to find the right solution to your unique challenges.

Custom Reporting

Our system has a variety of reports already integrated, however, occasionally customers will request custom reports not included to meet their specific requirements. Our engineers will work alongside you to create reports that meet your particular requirements.

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